Elon Musk adds to criticism of Apple’s 30% commission on the App Store

The head of Tesla and SpaceX believes that Apple charges 10 times more than it should.


Elon Musk joined the voices criticizing Apple and its commissions on the App Store .

The billionaire, who recently sealed the purchase of Twitter, said that Apple charges too high commissions.

“The Apple store (App Store) is like having a 30% tax on the internet. It’s definitely not right,” she assured.

For Musk, Apple should not charge a 30% commission, but a tenth: 3%.

“It is literally 10 times what it should be (the percentage of commission that Apple charges),” he said on Twitter.

The Apple 30% Story

The custom of charging 30% began when Apple created iTunes, a platform for the sale of songs in 2001. At that time, it charged 30 cents for each song that was sold at 99 cents.

Other companies took Apple ‘s example and started charging that 30% on their platforms.

The biggest problem for Apple users is that many services end up raising their prices for the final consumer and on devices like the iPhone there is no other alternative to the App Store to obtain apps.

Several companies have started to reduce their commissions and even Apple has taken steps such as cutting the commission in half when it comes to developers who have sales of less than US$1 million per year.