Elon Musk and Grimes split after 3 years of relationship

Elon Musk and Grimes ended their relationship after spending three years together.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO told  Page Six’s Emily Smith and Mara Siegler on  Friday that they are “semi-separated” but still love each other and “are on very good terms.” 

“My job at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling abroad, and his job is primarily in Los Angeles,” Musk said. 

Musk and Grimes  revealed they were dating in May 2018 , the singer and producer taking the businessman to the Met Gala as her date. At the time, Page Six reported that they had been “secretly dating” for a few weeks. 

The couple met on Twitter. Musk planned to make a joke about artificial intelligence and discovered that Grimes had defeated him with a character from his music video “Flesh Without Blood.” 

Later, the CEO of Tesla and Space X told The Wall Street Journal  that he loved Grimes for his “wild artistic creativity and hyper-intense work ethic.”

Since then, the couple has withstood public scrutiny. For example, Grimes publicly defended the wealth, political donations and treatment of Musk employees.

In August 2018, the singer inadvertently became involved in Musk’s affair with the Securities and Exchange Commission over a “secured financing” tweet. Shortly after this incident, it appeared that the couple were separated.

However, they reconnected shortly after. In January 2020, Grimes revealed on Instagram that she was pregnant; And in May, the couple welcomed their son, whom they named “X Æ A-Xii Musk.”

Musk told Page Six on Friday that Grimes “is staying with me now and Baby X is in the next room.” 

On Thursday night, Grimes  posted a video on TikTok  in which he tried to get X to say “mom.” Last week, she revealed in a Vogue video that her son calls her by her first name, Claire. Musk’s voice can be heard in the background.