Elon Musk announces mass layoffs on Twitter this Friday

According to US media, Twitter employees received an email informing them that they would know by notification.


whether or not they would continue in the company recently acquired by Elon Mask.

Billionaire Elon Musk is set  to announce mass layoffs on Twitter on Friday , in one of the first steps in overhauling the company he recently acquired.

The employees of Twitter, based in San Francisco , received an email during the afternoon of Thursday in advance that they will receive a notification before noon on Friday informing them whether or not they will continue in the company, according to US media.

“In an effort to keep the company on a prosperous path, we will go through the difficult process of reducing our workforce,” reads the email received by the staff of the technology company, acquired by Musk for 44 million dollars.

The communication also informed employees that, for security reasons, the offices will be “temporarily closed” and staff will not have access to the facilities.

cut plan

Meanwhile, the British newspaper Financial Times reported that Musk plans to cut some 3,700 jobs at the company.

According to the FT, the employer also aims to require face-to-face work in the office starting this Monday, which would reverse Twitter ‘s current policy , which allows employees to work from anywhere.

Late last week, the South African-born tycoon overhauled the internet giant’s management team, firing executives including Twitter chief Parag Agrawal, while bringing on a small group of trusted advisers, including his personal attorney Alex Spiro.

With this measure, the tycoon prepared to liquidate the company’s board of directors, made up of 9 members,  and be left alone with all the decision-making power in the direction of the social network .

Now, after the filter of executives, Elon Musk is preparing to start laying off employees. It is not known what the argument will be to decide between each of them, but, for his new boss, “there are many people managing for each person programming.”

Not sympathizing with Musk may also be a cause, notes The Financial Times . Seeking to work from home may also be another reason, as Musk does not like this measure in other companies such as Tesla .

internal pressures

The work inside Twitter has been radicalized in the last few hours, especially because Elon Musk wants changes to be made in very short periods of days.

The most talked about feature is the subscription service for verified accounts, which will cost $8 per month. For this reason, the workers are working hard to meet the objective, although many have to sleep in their own offices to save time.

Musk has also had engineers and managers create a kind of classification that depended on contributions to Twitter ‘s code during his time at the company.

(With information from EFE)