Elon Musk backs down: he will maintain a free API on Twitter, but on one condition

For Elon Musk , it will be necessary for third parties to offer “good content” to have access to the free Twitter API .

Elon Musk has backtracked on his controversial removal of Twitter ‘s free API (application programming interface)and will allow some third parties who want to create “good content” to use it.

The tycoon thus announced that he will launch a free version of this service, but will also continue to consolidate a paid version of up to $100 per month to avoid “fraud and manipulation.”

The controversy

Using the social network API , some developers could create utility bots on the platform that worked in simple ways, such as just tagging them in the post where they were needed.

“In response to feedback, Twitter will enable a lightweight write-only API for bots that provides good content for free,” Musk said through his personal account.

This free version will only be available to users with the blue verification check, which currently costs $8 .

On February 9, however, the paid version of this tool will also be released.

Elon Musk , in defending that position, noted “bot scammers and opinion manipulators are seriously abusing the free API today.” With the payment, he hopes to “clean things up a lot.”

everything is paid

It is increasingly common for Twitter to start monetizing tools that, until before the arrival of Elon Musk, were free.

With this measure, the billionaire is trying to pay off his large debts on the platform , which was about to go bankrupt. Likewise, it recovers its investment of 44 billion dollars that it put for the purchase of the social network.