Elon Musk becomes the most followed person on Twitter

The CEO of Twitter is already the most followed person on his social network, thus surpassing Barack Obama .


Elon Musk has reached an impressive 133,068,709 followers on Twitter , thus becoming the most followed person on the social network.

The CEO of the platform has managed to surpass the former first position, Barack Obama, who currently maintains 133,042,819 followers.

Elon Musk in the lead

Elon Musk has raised his numbers after buying Twitter for 44 billion dollars .

Musk reached 100 million followers last June and hasn’t stopped growing from there.

The mogul has been characterized by posts that range from the serious to the most random memes you could find .

Musk uses his account to communicate various upcoming changes on Twitter . He has also polled his followers on some big decisions, including allowing Donald Trump back on the platform and whether or not Musk should step down as Twitter CEO .

However, the rest of the time he uses it to publish memes that have even been called offensive by his followers. His own tweets have led to lawsuits, especially since they involve stock values ​​from companies like Tesla.