Elon Musk brags about Tesla’s AI, which later received another blow to its autonomous driving

Elon Musk said that Tesla ‘s AI “destroys” Google ‘s reCAPTCHA system


Elon Musk wanted to uphold the artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Tesla, but a piece of news that came an hour later cast doubt on his statements.

Musk said Thursday that Tesla ‘s AI could easily pass Google’s reCAPTCHA tests, designed to distinguish robots from humans.

This occurred after a Dogecoin fan made a joke about a reCAPTCHA test that asked to select car images.

“Is the Cybertruck a car or a truck?” the DogeDesigner account asked, tagging the owner on Twitter .

“ Tesla Vision artificial intelligence could really smash these ‘I’m not a robot’ proofs from Google ,” Elon Musk said in his response .

Trouble for Tesla

Hours later, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NTHSA, announced a new problem for Tesla .

About 363,000 company cars were deemed unsafe for their autonomous driving system.

“Full autonomous driving software can cause crashes,” the NTHSA warning states . In this, the entity indicates that a beta version of the Tesla autonomous driving system acted dangerously at intersections, even entering some that had a red light.

Tesla will release an update to patch this issue.

Tesla autonomous driving has been under the scrutiny of authorities and activist groups, since several cases have been reported in which it is not so reliable, even causing traffic accidents.