Elon Musk challenges Twitter CEO to publicly discuss bots on the social network

Elon Musk has launched a provocation to Parag Agrawal in the middle of the lawsuit filed against him by  Twitter .


Elon Musk has challenged Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter , to a public debate showing how many fake accounts exist on the platform.

“I hereby challenge @paraga to a public debate on the percentage of Twitter bots . Prove to the public that Twitter has <5% fake or spam daily users!”

Twitter vs. Elon Musk

Elon Musk has refused to finalize his offer of 44 billion dollars because he believes that Twitter has been misleading him regarding the percentage of fake accounts that exist on his platform.

The billionaire interacted with a fan who had summed up his accusations on Twitter , including that he was giving him evasions and providing him with “outdated data” and “a set of false data” when asking the company for details on how it checked estimates of the spam accounts and bots.

“Nice summary of the issue. If Twitter were to simply provide its method of sampling 100 accounts and how it confirms they are real, the deal should go ahead under the original terms. However, if it turns out that its SEC filings American) are materially false, then it shouldn’t,” he said.

His followers think

For Elon Musk , the opinion of his followers is important and that is why he activated a survey to ask if they believe that Twitter maintains less than 5% of false accounts.

After one day, the “lmaoo no” option won with more than 60% of the vote.

While Twitter refuses to comment on Elon Musk ‘s posts , it is also preparing for his big trial next October, with five days of arguments and counter-arguments to be presented in Delaware courts.