Elon Musk countersues Twitter for ‘lying’ about fake accounts

Twitter and Elon Musk will face each other in court on October 17. The tycoon countersued the social network in the last hours.


The judge instructing the legal battle between Twitter and Elon Musk  set the start of the trial for October 17, where she will define whether or not the billionaire will be forced to buy the social network.

Kathaleen McCormick, president of the specialized court in commercial law that handles the complaint, detailed in a document that the parties must “cooperate in good faith” and share the necessary information in the litigation , a key issue to avoid delays.

Elon Musk countersues

Elon Musk struck back on Friday by filing a lawsuit against the social network in a Delaware court, the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the newspaper, one of Musk’s requests in the document is related to his accusation to Twitter that he lied about the number of fake accounts after the purchase offer, one of the reasons he used to withdraw from the deal.

Twitter filed a complaint on July 12 also before a Delaware court to force the richest man in the world to fulfill the commitment made at the end of April to acquire the platform for 44 billion dollars.

The social network requested an accelerated process to start in September and thus reduce the uncertainty that partially paralyzes the company, while Musk’s lawyers asked to start next year.