Elon Musk fires employees who agreed to “work unconditionally”

The cuts continue on Twitter and not even the employees who accepted Elon Musk ‘s ultimatum are spared.


The firings on Elon Musk ‘s Twitter continue, even for those who pledged to work “unconditionally” for the billionaire.

Some workers who agreed to Musk ‘s Nov. 17 ultimatum calling for an “unconditional commitment” to long-hours plans for ” Twitter 2.0 ” were still fired, Platformer’s Casey Newton reports.

Musk fired someone he convinced to stay

Most of these new layoffs are in the sales team .

New head of ad sales Chris Reidy hosted a meeting with Elon Musk and the sales team on Sunday, where they discussed various topics including how Donald Trump ‘s return would affect Twitter ‘s relations with advertisers. No new layoffs were mentioned at the meeting.

A recently laid-off employee told the Wall Street Journal that he found out in an email Monday that his position was no longer needed.

Chris Reidy came in to replace Robin Wheeler , who submitted his resignation letter on November 10 of this year, but was convinced by Elon Musk to stay on.

Wheeler lost his job after not accepting instructions to fire more employees, given on November 18, a day after Elon Musk ‘s famous ultimatum .

Twitter with fewer and fewer employees

Elon Musk is estimated to have fired 50% of Twitter ‘s 7,000 workers after taking over the company.

To these are added the employees who did not accept Musk’s ultimatum.

For the billionaire the company must be more efficient and focused on engineering.