Elon Musk gives Tesla workers ultimatum: return to the office or be fired

Elon Musk no longer wants Tesla workers to continue telecommuting.


Elon Musk has imposed an ultimatum on his workers at Tesla requiring them to return to the offices to work in person.

According to an Electrek report, Musk has asked company executives to come in “at a minimum” about 40 hours a week. This information was obtained by mail from a shareholder of the company.

If you don’t comply, you’re out

According to the report, the case is aggravated by reading in one of the messages that ensures that, if the staff continues to work remotely, “it will be assumed that they have resigned.”

Interestingly, although the companies have not commented on the matter, Elon Musk has given some details about his position on teleworking.

The world’s richest man responded to reports of the emails on Twitter when user @WholeMarsBlog asked Musk how he would respond to people who consider working in person “old-fashioned.”

“They should pretend they work somewhere else,” he wrote on Twitter.

Exceptions given by him

For Musk, who titled his first email “Remote work is no longer acceptable,” he points out that he can make some exceptions, but they will only be approved and verified by himself.

“The taller you are, the more visible your presence should be,” Elon Musk wrote, according to Electrek. “That’s why I lived in the factory so long, so those on the line could see me working alongside them. If I hadn’t done that, Tesla would have gone bankrupt a long time ago.”

The billionaire has criticized remote work and the American work ethic in the past . In May, Musk told The Financial Times that Americans “are trying to avoid going to work” while Chinese workers are “not even leaving the factory.”