Elon Musk goes against Apple: he wants to charge $11 for Twitter Blue on iOS

An Information report indicates that Elon Musk will charge $11 to iPhone users who pay for the Twitter subscription from the iOS app.


Elon Musk is planning to get around Apple ‘s fees by trying to charge more for the Twitter Blue subscription  on iOS than on his website.

According to Information , Musk wants to charge $11 for the subscription if paid from the Twitter app on iPhone and just $7 if purchased from his website.

Elon Musk vs. Apple

This measure is being reported as one of getting around the commissions that Apple charges for sales and payments in its App Store, an amount that amounts to up to 30% of each transaction.

Apparently, Musk wants to directly harm the pocket of users so that they can go against those of Cupertino  and force the company to change these policies.

Precisely, the tycoon reacted to the famous parody of Epic Games in Fortnite from the commercial ‘1984’ agreeing with them .

Will prices go up for everyone ?

The report raises doubts about the price of Twitter Blue in its version with the new account verification system.

Musk had reported that this model would cost $8 for everyone, but now the question remains whether the new reported price will also reach the web and Android.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter at the end of October, around 70% of the 7,500 employees have been fired or resigned.