Elon Musk goes against TikTok: he wants Twitter to resurrect Vine

Vine , one of the first short video platforms, could be brought back to life in order to compete with the giant TikTok .


Elon Musk has signaled his interest in reviving a classic video platform: Vine .

The billionaire owner of Twitter let it be known through a series of tweets on his personal account, where he stated that “we need an even better version of Vine ” back.

Why revive Vine?

Apparently, Twitter is already working to bring back this social network.

“It’s a tragedy how Twitter killed Periscope and Vine ,” one user posted on February 10. “Some of my best memories on  Twitter were working on those apps. Bring it back @elonmusk”, was the request made and for which the tycoon answered.

Musk had already probed the answer last year by conducting a poll, as he often does with big decisions, on Vine . 70% of his followers voted in favor of his return.

The billionaire sees Vine as a weapon against TikTok , the short video platform owned by the Chinese giant Bytedance. The platform is popular with Gen Z and millennials, with advertisers jostling for space on it.

As we remember, Musk is looking for a way for Twitter to generate millionaire revenue, so this new field could be useful to him given the slow growth of his Twitter Blue subscription service.

Vine’s story

Vine was created in June 2012. Even before its official launch, the startup attracted the attention of Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter . The platform acquired Vine in late 2012 for $30 million.

Launched in January 2013, Vine has become the most downloaded free app in the US. Its big advantage was its format (six-second videos that loop) and its ease of use.

With the competition in Snapchat and Instagram, the app began to suffer a decrease in users. In October 2016, Vine was discontinued.