Elon Musk is already looking for the person to replace him at the helm of Twitter, according to a report

Elon Musk has not stopped making headlines since he assumed the leadership.


Twitter  and just now he was in charge of making news again because he would be thinking of leaving the managerial chair to someone else. The tycoon would already be looking for a new CEO for the company he bought a few months ago due to the results of his most recent survey on the platform.

As the new CNBC report points out, anonymous sources mentioned that the search for a successor to Twitter ‘s CEO position occurred even before Musk published his latest poll, which asked users if he should step down as Twitter’s leadership. company.

Once the vote ended, 57.5% of the users who participated indicated that the businessman should resign from the Twitter chair , a result that seemed important since Musk said he would abide by what was said. However, the mogul later noted that “there is no successor” to his current role as “nobody wants the job that can really keep Twitter alive.”