Elon Musk is hiring family members to work at Twitter

Elon Musk has hired two of his first to work on the reform of the social network.


Elon Musk hired two of his cousins ​​to work at Twitter ‘s San Francisco headquarters.

According to Insider , Musk hired his cousins ​​James Musk and Andrew Musk as full-time workers.

the labors of his cousins

The report notes that Andrew Musk works on software engineering projects, while James Musk is more of “a fixer type,” helping Elon Musk with “various tasks.”

He is also bringing in staff from his companies Tesla and The Boring Company.

Other trusted people who have taken to Twitter include his lawyer Alex Spiro and his right-hand man Jared Birchall, who runs Musk’s family office Excession.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter at the end of October, around 70% of the 7,500 employees have been fired or resigned.

A new Twitter

Elon Musk took control of Twitter a few months ago, causing a great reform in the social network, but also a great exodus of users.

Currently, the CEO is looking for ways to monetize and be able to recover the money that the platform loses every day. Its main mechanism will be the account verification model, but this is delayed in its launch due to multiple problems.