Elon Musk on his nine children: “I do everything I can to help the depopulation crisis”

Billionaire Elon Musk  referred to the birth of his ninth child in a new post on his Twitter account.


Elon Musk , the magnate at the helm of Tesla Motors  and SpaceX , is already the father of nine children. With the revelation that he had twins last year with an executive at Neuralink , another of the companies founded by the businessman, Musk joked that he “is doing everything he can to help with the depopulation crisis .

After being inactive for quite some time on Twitter , the billionaire returned with force, first sharing a photograph with Pope Francis that he took during a visit he made with four of his children and the most recent in which he gave his opinion on the low birth rate that is he currently lives in the world, of course, with his own style.

“I do my best to help the depopulation crisis . The collapse of the birth rate is the greatest danger facing civilization, by far. Mark my words, they are sadly true ,” Musk said in a tweet posted on July 7.

Elon Musk concerned about low birth rate

In the thread generated by his original post , a user asked the businessman about the main factor behind the low birth rate , and he replied as follows: “too many people have the illusion that the Earth is overpopulated, despite the fact that trends in birthrate are obviously heading for population collapse .

This is not the first time that the tycoon expresses interest and speaks publicly on this subject since, in the past, he shared statistics from The Wall Street Journal on the fertility rate in the United States , which he keeps posted on his official Twitter account. Twitter to date.

“The US birth rate has been below minimum sustainable levels for nearly 50 years,” he noted alongside the WSJ chart . Additionally, in past tweets she warned that countries like Japan and Italy could become extinct due to rising death rates and low birth rates in their respective populations.

A billionaire family man

Business Insider report  revealed that Elon Musk had twins with Shivon Zilis , one of the executives of his Neuralink company , in November 2021. Thanks to court documents obtained by the outlet, it was revealed that Musk and Zilis filed a petition to “change their children’s names to have their father’s last name and add their mother’s last name as part of their middle name” . The request was accepted by a Texas judge in May.

The names of the children are not yet known and they would have been born weeks before Elon Musk and his former partner Claire Boucher “Grimes” had their second child through a surrogacy.

In addition to those mentioned above, Musk had six children with Vivian Wilson , his first wife, of which the first – named Nevada – died a few weeks after being born. Following him came twins Griffin and Vivian  and triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai .