Elon Musk owns less than half of SpaceX’s shares, but still controls the company

The head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, still maintains absolute control over the power of choice of the aerospace company, created by him in 2002 to develop reusable rockets to lower the costs of space exploration. But the shares of the billionaire, who is the highest-paid CEO in the world, have declined over the past three years.

After the successful partnership with NASA, the US space agency, which ended with the Crew Dragon capsule being successfully brought to the International Space Station (ISS) with its first human crew aboard, SpaceX has been calling the attention of investors — especially those interested in space tourism.

In this scenario, the company’s equity value grew, and, at the same time, Musk’s shares were slightly reduced. According to the documentation provided by SpaceX to the US communications regulator, the FCC, the billionaire accounted for 43.61% of the company in August 2021. This is the lowest percentage in three months.

In any case, SpaceX — and successful automaker Tesla and satellite Internet provider Starlink, both owned by Musk — is still controlled by Elon. He holds no less than 78% of the voting shares on the company’s decisions, that is, those that impact the future of a business.

Still, many have questioned Musk’s decision-making power. The Cybertruck, Tesla’s future electric pickup truck, was named Tesla’s first failure by a financial market guru. The eccentric and futuristic design car, inspired by a cyberpunk aesthetic, should be launched in 2022.