Elon Musk plans to lay off 75% of Twitter employees

The purchase of Twitter is close to becoming effective and Elon Musk already has changes in mind.

The closing of Elon Musk ‘s deal to buy Twitter  could be brutal for the job prospects of most of the company’s employees.

Bloomberg reports that Musk is very close to finalizing the details of the purchase for 44 billion, near the deadline of October 28.

Elon Musk and an eminent purge on Twitter

Elon Musk was consulted during Tesla ‘s results call on Twitter and assured that the company “had incredible potential” although he considered it “obvious” that he was overpaying for it.

What won’t appease employees is Elon Musk ‘s plan for Twitter ‘s future .

The billionaire has been recruiting investors to support his purchase, offering harsh terms for the company’s current workforce.

The Washington Post indicates that, among the plans exposed to potential investors, Elon Musk promises to cut 75% of Twitter ‘s workforce of 7,500 workers and still double his income in the next three years.

Twitter will also “relax” content moderation, with plans to bring back former US President Donald Trump .

With or without Musk , Twitter was eventually going to cut its workforce. Earlier plans called for 25% employees, but they stalled when Elon Musk made the offer to buy the company.