Elon Musk promises to implant his first brain chip in humans in 6 months

Elon Musk presented advances in the development of Neuralink chips : he showed a monkey typing “with his mind” on a computer.


Elon Musk has made a promise with his company Neuralink : he wants to implant his first brain chip in humans within 6 months.

According to Bloomberg , the company announced its intention to start clinical trials in 2023 if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants permission.

What Neuralink is looking for

Neuralink is an initiative by Musk to create a coin-sized device that can connect the brain with computers.

The clinical purpose is to try to help patients with neurological disorders to be able to function and improve their lives. But the objectives do not stop there, since they even want it to be used for entertainment or for activities such as changing songs, sending an email or doing a search on the Internet with their thoughts.

“We’ve submitted, I think, most of our documentation to the FDA and we think probably in about six months we should be able to have our first Neuralink in a human,” he said in a company presentation.

For the ambitious first test that is planned to be carried out in 6 months, it will seek to restore the vision of people who were born blind. “Even in the cases of people who have never been able to see, who were born blind, we think we can restore their vision because the visual cortex is still there. We are confident that we could make them see,” he noted.