Elon Musk returns to China after 3 years with a possible Tesla expansion in his sights

Elon Musk met with the country’s foreign minister on his return to China after the pandemic.

Billionaire Elon Musk returned to China after 3 years and met Qin Gang, the foreign minister, just hours after landing in Beijing.

The trip of the CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter is framed in the midst of a general policy of the country of reopening the borders and business meetings. Musk would even consider further expanding his auto factories in the nation

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The diplomat told Elon Musk that he was committed to improving the business environment for all investors, including him.

“We should step on the brake in time, avoid dangerous driving and be skillful in using the accelerator to promote win-win cooperation,” Qin said.

According to the Chinese politician, the Tesla CEO is willing to expand business in the country and opposed a decoupling of the Chinese and US economies, noting that the two are like “joined twins.”

According to Reuters sources , Musk is also planning a meeting with Zeng Yugun, president of CATL, a battery developer and key supplier to electric vehicle manufacturing.

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The tycoon’s visit coincides with the significant increase in competition in the field of Chinese vehicles.

Some investors expect Tesla to “aggressively focus on building its presence in China .” This country is one of the most important in the world for electric cars.

In the first quarter alone, Tesla sold more than 300,000 Chinese -made cars . The company also wants to launch its advanced autopilot features in this territory.