Elon Musk says he could lower the price of Tesla

It all depends on inflation, Elon Musk said in response to a question on Twitter .


Elon Musk assured that his brand of electric vehicles Tesla could lower its prices if inflation “calms down”.

“If inflation calms down, we can lower the price of cars,” Elon Musk responded to a question on Twitter from Jaehwan Cho, a reporter for the specialized media outlet Dailycar .

Elon Musk frequently uses Twitter , where he has more than 100 million followers.

The social network is used to inform about the news of its various companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company or Neuralink . Musk also uses Twitter to share memes and his well-known fights on social networks, even with Twitter itself after backing down on his buying interest.

Reuters indicates that Tesla has raised its prices in recent months by thousands of dollars due to the rise in the cost of materials such as aluminum and lithium, adding to the shortage of chips that automakers have suffered.

tesla in trouble

Elon Musk indicated in June that he would lay off 10% of Tesla’s salaried workers after having a “bad feeling” about the world economy.

This kicked off a freeze on hiring and firing at the company that particularly affected its autonomous driving division (Autopilot).

Andrej Karphathy, director of Artificial Intelligence at Tesla , has left the company after 229 employees from the company’s data annotation area were laid off.

How much does a Tesla cost?

Tesla ‘s US catalog starts at $46,990 with the Model 3 , its cheapest car.

The Model Y would be considered Tesla ‘s mid-range , starting at $65,990.

More expensive are the Model S (starting at $104,990) and Model X (starting at $120,900).