Elon Musk says he lives in a $45,000 ‘tiny house’ in Texas

Elon Musk would have moved from the prefabricated house in which he supposedly lived to a modest property in south Texas, USA.


Elon Musk has revealed that, despite being one of the most millionaire men on the planet, he has decided to move to a small three-bedroom house valued at US$45,000 that he recently acquired and that is located in Boca Chica , south of Texas, United States .

The tycoon who is in charge of companies such as Tesla Motors , SpaceX and Neuralink mentioned this curious detail in the episode that The Full Send podcast  revealed this Friday, August 5. According to the businessman, despite the fact that he does not have a “main residence”, for now he is staying to live in this house of about 800 to 900 square feet (approximately 74 to 83 square meters).

Musk mentioned to Kyle Forgeard , host of the podcast he was invited to, that his South Texas home “was technically a three-bedroom, but it used to be a two-bedroom until he decided to convert his garage into another space . ” The billionaire said that “His friends come and stay and they can’t believe he’s referring to this house” when he talks about his residence.

An unexpected home for Elon Musk

As Musk details in greater detail during the show, one of his motivations for buying and staying in this simple house for the time being is that it is located just a mile from the SpaceX rocket factory in South Texas , that you can practically walk from there.

Despite popular belief, the fact that Elon Musk lives in simple and small residences that do not value much money is not something unusual since -in the past- it was reported that the tycoon would have been living in a prefabricated house of the company Boxabl , based in Las Vegas , which was also in the town of Boca Chica .

Normal houses for an extravagant character like Elon Musk

In June 2021, Musk revealed to the press that he was renting one of his company’s SpaceX properties valued at about $50,000. This residence was 375 square feet (approximately 34.83 square meters) that also had the power to move from one place to another.

According to what he mentioned in the podcast, Musk would now be using this small house as a guest house for his friends and that its price “would actually be less than that of a Boxabl “.

In addition to this, it is known that the tycoon has been getting rid of several millionaire properties that he has accumulated over the years, as Insider reported last November. A decision that would be based on the promise that Elon Musk made to sell most of his luxurious and expensive residences in 2020.