Elon Musk startup Neuralink’s inhumane mistreatment of monkeys detailed in lawsuit

According to a Neuralink lawsuit , the monkeys were mutilated and had screws embedded in their brains. Most of them died.


A few days ago, Neuralink , Elon Musk ‘s scientific startup , suffered a lawsuit for animal abuse filed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in a folio of up to 700 pages for the death of monkeys in its research centers. Now, we know more details about it.

As you remember, Neuralink wants to put chips in humans to help them with neuronal diseases . However, to get to that point, he needs to experiment on animals, putting them in extreme situations of pain and suffering, according to recent research.

The inhumane treatment of the monkeys

The Committee of Physicians for Responsible Medicine has explained to the Teslarati medium what was the treatment obtained by the monkeys that were in the clinical phase of experimentation.

Jeremy Beckham, a spokesman for the non-profit organization, says the monkeys had their brains mutilated due to medical procedures that killed them. He began to narrate some of them.

“Animal 4,” an 11-year-old macaque monkey , died in Neuralink ‘s experiments with the University of California, Davis (UC Davi) in July 2018, according to the complaint. The monkey was “taking antidepressants and had chronic diarrhea and poor appetite.” In addition, he was noted to be “lethargic” and “depressed”, and he hunched over and passed bloody diarrhoea. The monkey ultimately died in a deadly procedure on July 20

“Animal 6” was a six-year-old macaque who died on January 16, 2019. The documents explain that Neuralink implanted electrodes with an experimental robot that fastened the device in the brain using titanium screws.

“Animal 12”, approximately 7 years old, underwent a craniotomy and electrode insertion procedure. Records show that the animal had “serious clinical adverse events after implantation, had poor quality stools, was not eating, and had an eye infection.” Registrations abruptly ended on July 30.

In all, records show that 15 of the 23 monkeys used in the research died or were euthanized at UC Davis.

According to the lawsuit, Neuralink severed ties with UC Davis on Nov. 11, 2020. It then moved seven of the remaining monkeys to its facility in Fremont, California.

The main objective of the lawsuit filed is for the University of California Davis to deliver photos and videos. “There are monkeys convulsing, vomiting and dying in these labs,” Beckham said. “People want to line up for early human trials, and they should see this before they commit to that,” he told the outlet.