Elon Musk wanted to ‘hit’ Kanye West for his Twitter posts

Twitter suspended Kanye West ‘s account again  after posting a swastika and praising Adolf Hitler.


Elon Musk confirmed that it was he who personally decided to re-suspend rapper Kanye West ‘s Twitter account .

According to the billionaire, he “wanted to hit” the musician after he posted a swastika on his account, a profile that had been “personated” just two weeks earlier.

Musk vs. West

Musk made the comments during a live Q&A on Twitter Spaces about the ” Twitter files ” related to how the platform handled content about Hunter Biden.

“I personally wanted to hit Kanye, that was definitely incitement to violence. That’s not right,” said the CEO of the platform.

West ‘s Twitter account was suspended Friday after he tweeted an image of a swastika inside a Star of David. “It’s important that people know that that was my decision,” Musk said.

During the day of the lockdown, Musk personally wrote West about the post. “I’m sorry, but you’ve gone too far, this is not love.” West responded by challenging Elon Musk : “Who made you a judge?”

The billionaire’s comments come just a day after Twitter ‘s new head of trust and security said Musk’s top priority was ensuring security on the platform.

Kanye West in the controversy

The tweet follows a series of anti-Semitic comments by West in recent months that have destroyed businesses the musician was involved in, including a partnership with Adidas.

CNN previously reported that several people once close to West said he was long fascinated by Adolf Hitler, and once wanted to name an album after the Nazi leader.