Elon Musk wants “a discount” to buy Twitter

Elon Musk says that if there are 25% fake accounts on Twitter , he should get the same percentage discount on his purchase.


Elon Musk does not stop giving to speak in the midst of his controversial purchase of Twitter . After suspending this operation until it is shown how much percentage of accounts are bots, he now wants a discount to carry out the process.

Musk recently said the acquisition was temporarily on hold because he wanted to confirm the company’s own figures that accounts not operated by real humans (bots) accounted for less than 5% of users.

In response to the suggestion that “if 25% of users are bots, the Twitter acquisition deal should cost 25% less,” he wrote: “Absolutely.”

Under this assumption, the offer of 44 billion dollars for the platform would drop a quarter of its value, leaving “only” 33 billion, money that Musk claims to have. 

Elon Musk claims Twitter is full of bots

The billionaire claimed that well over 20% of accounts on Twitter could be “fake/spam” and said his bid to acquire the company was based on Twitter ‘s own reporting being accurate.

He criticized Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter, for publicly refusing to “show evidence” that less than 5% of accounts were “fake/spam” and wrote that he was “concerned that Twitter has a disincentive to reduce spam, since it reduces the perception of daily users”.

Parag Agrawal made a thread on the social network noting that he estimates that “less than 5%” of Twitter accounts are bots. He noted that spam and bots are serious problems facing all social media platforms, and more importantly, they are an evolving and “dynamic” problem. “Adversaries, their goals and tactics are constantly evolving, often in response to our work! You can’t create a set of rules to detect spam today and expect them to still work tomorrow.”

However, Musk replied to Agrawal’s explanation with a poop emoji.

The company defends

In an official blog post, Twitter said: “We permanently suspend millions of accounts every month that are automated or contain spam, and we do this before they even catch sight of a Twitter timeline or search .”

Musk suggested users run their own test to see whether or not accounts were authentic, though Twitter warned that it was not possible for outside observers to identify whether an account was authentically run by a human or automated or part of a campaign. platform handling.