Elon Musk wants fully autonomous Teslas to go on sale later this year

At the moment, Tesla maintains a self-driving subscription service that works only in certain locations.


Elon Musk has expressed his desire to sellfully autonomous Tesla cars by the end of 2022.

In the middle of a conference in Norway, Musk mentioned his goals for this year.

“The two technologies I’m focused on, trying to ideally finish before the end of the year, are getting our Starship into orbit and then having Tesla cars so they can drive themselves,” he said. “Having self-driving cars in broad launch at least in the US, and…possibly in Europe, depending on regulatory approval.”

marked objectives

Elon Musk wants his Tesla cars to be completely autonomous and to work without the need for human intervention.

Its advances have been remarkable, currently maintaining a subscription model in the United States and Europe where vehicles can operate autonomously on roads.

The autopilot is included free of charge in all vehicles and offers braking, accelerating and turning tools if the driver so suggests.

The plan is that Teslas can not only drive themselves on highways, but also in urban areas. One of the goals of the company is even to be able to launch a Robotaxi, a mobility service without a driver for users.

Don’t forget about Starship

His other goal, Musk points out, is the orbital flight of Starship, his system that he hopes will soon reach the Moon and Mars.

Despite already having authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate, you need to correct observations before continuing with your tests . After multiple engine starts of both the Super Heavy ship and the Starship capsule , SpaceX, the responsible space company, will seek to make the system go around the planet and land on the Pacific coast.