Elon Musk wants to create a modern ‘Noah’s Ark’: a thousand rockets with terrestrial life to Mars

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars and for that he needs his Starship rockets.


Elon Musk ‘s plans to colonize Mars are serious and the tycoon himself wants to do it in an “unconventional” way to do it.

According to Elon Musk on his Twitter account, he wants to build a kind of modern ‘ Noah’s Ark ‘ with more than a thousand Starship rockets that he will manufacture with his company SpaceX .

philosophical mode

Elon Musk ‘s Twitter thread began with a reflection on life.

“What exists outside our universe? Is it possible that we humans will ever meet him? Could a video game character learn what is on the other side of the game? I’m eating an apple outside a 7-Eleven at 4:40 in the morning asking myself this: Who am I and why am I here?” he notes.

To do this, one of his maximum plans, he says, is to take humans off the planet.

“Making life multiplanetary expands the scope and scale of consciousness. It also allows us to support the biosphere, protecting all life as we know it from calamity on Earth,” he says. “Humanity is the administrator of life, since no other species can transport life to Mars. We cannot let them down.”

“A Noah’s Ark”

In order to produce this colonization on Mars, a transport to the planet will be necessary. Here the Starship comes into action , the ships that SpaceX, Elon Musk ‘s space company , is producing

“What’s the plan?” one user asked. “Build more than 1,000 Starships to transport life to Mars,” replied the tycoon. “Basically a (very) modern Noah’s Ark .”

SpaceX wants to send humans to Mars this decade . To do this, however, he must first pass the first tests of the Starship : to date, he has not yet made his first orbital flight on the planet.