Elon Musk wants to increase Twitter’s character limit from 280 to 4,000

Elon Musk considers that 280 characters are “too few” for the potential of Twitter .


Elon Musk has confirmed that he will seek to increase the character limit on Twitter from 280 to 4,000,

This information was provided in his always active personal account of the social network, although without further detail.

Twitter originally had a 140 character limit before it went up to 280 in 2017.

The exact details of the character limit increase are not yet known, but previous reports and tweets from Musk have suggested that Twitter may make it easier for users to split long strings of texts into multiple tweets that are part of a thread.

It seems that an increase to 4000 characters would eliminate that idea, and users could simply post longer blocks of text in individual posts.

Twitter Changes

Twitter announced over the weekend that it plans to relaunch its Twitter Blue subscription service on Monday , which will offer users a blue verified checkmark and other perks, such as the ability to edit tweets and upload higher-resolution 1080p videos.

Twitter Blue will be relaunched with a higher price of $11 a month for iPhone users after Musk criticized Apple’s 30% commission taken from in-app purchases.