Elon Musk wants to make his ‘X.com’ site the next Twitter competitor

Elon Musk has slipped into his Twitter account to what would be his first and next social network.


Elon Musk published that he has thought about creating his own social network: ‘ X.com’ .

This response was given on Twitter , the platform with which he will face a trial in October of this year.

What is X.com?

The tycoon addressed this possibility in response to one of his followers.

“Have you thought about creating your own social platform if the Twitter deal doesn’t go through?” the “ Tesla Owners Silicon Valley ” account asked .

” X.com ,” Musk replied.

The Tesla CEO did not provide further information about the website or what he meant by sharing the link.

“X.com” was the domain name associated with a financial services startup that Musk founded and eventually merged with PayPal. In 2017, Musk reacquired the X.com domain name from PayPal and announced that he had relaunched the site, which is currently blank except for a single X in the upper left corner.

Only recently did Musk talk about such a portal.

“I have kind of a grander vision than I thought X Corporation could have been in the past,” Musk said. “It’s a pretty grand vision, and of course I could start from scratch, but I think Twitter would accelerate that by three to five years.”

Will time be enough?

Elon Musk must first go to a five-day trial against Twitter in October this year.

Before the Delaware courts, the tycoon will have to argue why he canceled the purchase of the social network and show that Twitter is lying about the false accounts on the platform.

If justice agrees with Twitter, Elon Musk will have to buy the platform for 44 million dollars, a fact for which the billionaire is preparing to sell his Tesla shares.