Elon Musk wants to personally approve every new Tesla employee

Calculations indicate that it would take him about two days without a break if he spent five seconds on each profile to be hired by Tesla .


After electing a new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk wants to turn his sights back to his electric car company, Tesla.

The billionaire is known for micromanaging his companies, but a new policy of his would be very difficult to implement.

Elon Musk indicated in an internal email to company employees that he wants to approve every new hire at Tesla.

How hard would it be for Elon Musk?

Insider made the calculations of what this daunting task would mean at Tesla.

According to the outlet, this would take anywhere from 2 to almost 21 non-stop work days if Tesla continues to hire at the rate it has been.

“Tesla employed almost 130,000 people in 2022. The company indicates that it received 3.6 million applications last year and in recent years has grown its workforce by 30,000 people,” says Insider .

If Elon Musk takes a minute to review each new hire, that would mean 500 hours of work, or about 21 uninterrupted days.

If the billionaire is less detailed and only spends five seconds deciding each contract, it would still take him about 42 hours straight, about two days.

Apparently, Elon Musk expects to receive few requests to review, warning managers. “Think very carefully before applying to me. No one can join Tesla, even an outsider, until they receive my email approval.

The Tesla owner will now receive a weekly list of candidates to be hired