Elon Musk will lay off 10% of Tesla salaried workers

A few weeks ago, it became known that Elon Musk had a cut plan due to a “bad feeling” about the world economy.


Elon Musk clarified his plans to lay off Tesla employees  two weeks after an internal company email leaked revealing his intentions.

“Pause all hiring globally,” was the subject of Musk ‘s email , in which he explained that he had “a bad feeling” about the world economy.

Elon Musk and his layoff plan at Tesla

Elon Musk appeared at the Qatar Economic Forum , where he was asked about his layoff plan.

The billionaire explained that the cut in personnel will be concentrated on salaried people and not on those who are paid by the hour.

“ Tesla will reduce its salaried workforce by around 10% in the next three months,” he assured.

Musk hopes that Tesla will have more hourly contract workers: “We grew very fast on the salaried side and a little too much fast in some areas, so a reduction is required,” he explained.

Elon Musk estimates that a 10% reduction in salaried workers will mean a reduction of between 3% and 3.5% of the total number of Tesla employees .