Elon Musk’s company, The Boring Company, will accept payments in dogecoin

Dogecoin payments can be used to travel on the company’s underground highway in Las Vegas.


Elon Musk has confirmed his confidence in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency by announcing that he will accept it as a means of payment for his company The Boring Company .

Users will be able to do it in The Loop, the underground highway that the company has under Las Vegas to travel quickly and avoid traffic.

dogecoin for future

At the moment, traveling between the stations of The Loop is free, but the plan is that, in the future, whoever gets on the trip can pay the $1.5 ticket in this cryptocurrency .

The Boring Company wants to expand this circuit for almost 50 kilometers below the city, connecting 51 stations. The day pass to drive around here would be only $2.

The company said it had plans to add stations that stretch to McCarran International Airport, several hotels and casinos on the downtown Las Vegas Strip and Allegiant Stadium, home of the Los Vegas Raiders.