Elon Musk’s email with which he demands Tesla workers to return to offices is leaked

” Tesla will not make the most important products on Earth by calling us on the phone,” said Elon Musk .


The message ensures that, if they do not comply, the workers will be fired. 

Elon Musk made news this week after giving all his Tesla workers an ultimatum to return to their offices: If they don’t, they’ll assume they’re fired.

After the news broke, the billionaire said employees “should pretend they work somewhere else” in response to a user who asked how he would respond to people who find in-person work “old-fashioned.”

The case was made worse for Musk after he sent another email to his executives noting that they needed to pause all hiring worldwide because he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy and needed to cut 10% of the company’s workforce. the company to

The full mail

Elon Musk ‘s original message to his employees has been leaked and is being collected in its entirety by Insider .From: Elon Musk

Subject: To be super clear

Everyone at Teslamust spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week. Also, the office should be where your real colleagues are, not in a pseudo remote office. If you don’t show up, we’ll assume you’ve quit.

The higher your position, the more visible your presence should be. That’s why I lived in the factory so long, so those on the line could see me working alongside them. If he hadn’t done that, Teslawould have gone bankrupt a long time ago. Of course, there are companies that don’t require this, but when was the last time they shipped a great new product?

Tesla has created and in fact will make the most exciting and significant products of any company on Earth. This will not happen by calling us on the phone.

Thank you,