Elon Musk’s guards accompany him to the bathrooms of the Twitter offices

Elon Musk has little confidence in Twitter workers, so much so that he even takes his guards into the bathroom with him.


BBC report shows that Elon Musk is so mistrustful of his environment that he even goes to the bathroom with his two bodyguards.

“Wherever I go in the office, there are at least two bodyguards, very bulky, tall, Hollywood movie-style bodyguards,” the outlet’s source said. “Even when [he goes] to the bathroom.”


According to the source, Elon Musk does not trust Twitter employees .

“He brings in engineers from his other company, electric car maker Tesla, and asks them to evaluate the Twitter engineers’ code for a few days before deciding who to fire,” he says. He believes this lack of trust is betrayed by the level of security Musk surrounds himself with.

“When you look at it from the outside, the façade looks good, but I can see that nothing is working. All the pipes are broken, all the taps, everything,” he adds.

Musk’s father, Errol, said in January that he feared for his son’s safety even though he was protected by “100 security guards .” Musk had upgraded Errol’s security system for his home in South Africa with 24-hour armed guards, cameras and electric fencing, Errol said.


Shortly after acquiring Twitter in October, Musk laid off thousands of the company’s employees as part of a broad drive to cut costs.

He tweeted in May that owning Twitter “probably won’t increase my life expectancy.” He was responding to a Twitter user who said Musk should “add more security guards to his team.”

Musk’s security detail came to light in December after Musk said a “crazy stalker” jumped on a car carrying his son in Los Angeles. The South Pasadena Police Department later said it believed the suspect in the case “was a member of Elon Musk’s security team.”