Very few actresses on the international scene can boast the popularity and prestige enjoyed by Emily Blunt , aka Emily Olivia Leah Blunt .

A real Londoner who over the years has been able to carve out an iconic presence within the film and television scene. Her incredible adaptability as a performer has long been underestimated, as Blunt has proven herself capable of juggling any genre with incredible effectiveness.

From musicals to action, from comedy to costume drama to the science fiction genre, there are many thick films in which she has distinguished herself. The following are the 5 in which she was able to give us something unique.

The Young Victoria

The last decade has undoubtedly been dominated by a cinematic and television narrative connected to the vicissitudes of the English monarchy throughout its history. However, Young Victoria undoubtedly remains one of the best products ever made on the subject, a film capable of giving us an image as human as possible of a titanic figure in history such as Queen Victoria was, one of the most extraordinary and influential monarchs of Always. Emily Blunt in Jean-Marc Vallee’s filmmanaged to give us an incredibly humane and empathetic young woman, who suddenly found herself catapulted to the most important throne in the world. She dominates the theme of her melò very much, her marriage to Albert (Rupert Friend) where she tried to reconcile both reasons of state and her feelings for her.
Emotional, sensitive, romantic, little by little thanks to Emily Blunt , Vittoria becomes the protagonist of a metamorphosis which, although unrelated to a dimension of Machiavellian cynicism, is certainly useful in making us understand the difficulty of her position, her life everything deprives of an authentic freedom.
The film is still particularly captivating today for how Blunt with Friend was able to stage the complexity of a unique emotional bond, creating a parallel between the necessary compromises of married life and those of the royal house.

That of Denis Villeneuveit is the best narco-movie of the 21st century, a milestone of the seventh art from a formal and semantic point of view. Blunt in 2015 was Kate Macer, an FBI agent determined to do everything possible to hinder the Mexican drug cartels, which is why she will end up involved in a task force led by the cunning and treacherous Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), with the mysterious and feral Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) as spearhead. Throughout the film, Emily Blunt manages to give us the perfect picture of what it’s like to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her Kate is an idealist who sees the world as black and white, when in fact that US-Mexico border war is mostly grey, made up of bloody compromises and a total lack of morality. Courageous and determined, while utterly unprepared for what she faces, in a sense she is the perfect metaphor for our lack of knowledge about what the reality of that world is. Her chemistry with Del Toro is extraordinary, the black and damned soul of a universe from which she will eventually move away from, because she is perfectly aware of the truth that he himself made her understand in the final confrontation, of incredible acting caliber: she will end up crushed by that universe, is a lamb in a world of wolves.

My Summer of Love

Directed by her husband John Krasinski , Emily Blunt scores another great performance in one of the most interesting science fiction films of the new millennium, that A Quiet Place which in fact has revived the concept of the alien as a symbol of our nightmares, shown new both dystopian and post apocalyptic vision of humanity. Evelyn Abbott, brave pregnant wife lost in thin air together with her husband Lee, and her children Marcus, Beau and Regan, tries to survive as she can after months of anguish, death and destruction. Very ferocious and mysterious aliens, totally blind but endowed with a terrifying strength, have essentially razed the entire society to the ground. A Quiet Placebrings back to the center of the narrative the concept of primordial, pure terror, what the first men must have felt, essentially defenseless against wild beasts. But there is also the link with the myth, the ancient and bloody one, the manifestation of the divine as terror and punishment. In all of this, Emily Blunt manages to position herself as an extraordinary heir to the tradition of the great female protagonists of the science fiction genre such as Lieutenant Ripley or Sarah Connor .
Your Evelyn is far from being a heroine of those that cinema has vulgarly offered us, depriving her of all fragility and humanity, because her incredible expressiveness, the realism that pervades her, make her one of the most interesting and moving, among the most engaging and full of meaning.

David Frenkerl ‘s is the film that definitively launched her among the general public, albeit in a supporting role, which however earned her a Golden Globe nomination. The Devil Wears Prada is one of the most beautiful comedies of the early 2000s, but above all one of the most realistic and cynical films in talking to us about modern society, especially the world of fashion. Of that universe which is actually so superficial yet complex, so dictatorial and devoid of values, she is almost as much a manifestation as her Boss, Miranda Presley (Meryl Streep). Anne Hathawaywas the protagonist, with her naive but then increasingly careerist Andrea Sachs, but Blunt’s Emily is far from being a character lacking depth or content, on the contrary she is perhaps the true and most tragic image of that world . Apparently hateful, haughty and devoid of any real empathy, in reality she is a woman who submits to constant stress, to terrifying work rhythms, giving up having a real private life, to be happy, in the name of her career. Emily Blunt was exceptional in showing her true soul wounded and gradually destroyed, while she undergoes senseless diets, she falls ill and is the victim of accidents, she sees the newcomer unseat her in no time. Without a doubt one of the most interesting characters that Emily Bluntshe interpreted for her duplicity, for her being in reality a victim of the same system that produces and then eliminates many like her, to instead preserve characters like Miranda.