End of an era: Internet Explorer is retiring as of today

Microsoft has asked in advance to transition Internet Explorer to Edge . However, it is estimated that more than 70 million people still use it.


This Wednesday, June 15, is a tragic day for many people since Microsoft has put the last nail on its mythical Internet Explorer browser .

After 27 years of service, Internet Explorer has been decommissioned and the company is officially ending all support for the program. Starting today, for Windows, there is a new standard: Edge.

goodbye to a great

Internet Explorer hit the market in 1995 as part of the “plus” package released for Windows 95 and based on the Spyglass Mosaic code. To confront other browsers, Microsoft simply installed it by default on its system, in the middle of a case that led to lawsuits and lawsuits for anticompetitive measure.

Its popularity, yes, declined with the arrival of Google Chrome, which largely dominates in market share. Practically, in recent years, it served as a means to download other browsers than for its own use.

However, there is still a community of at least 70 million users who still use Internet Explorer on a constant basis. One of the most notorious cases is that of the Congress of Deputies of the Spanish government, in which some of its procedures are still carried out exclusively with this browser.

Nothing will happen to you if you use it

If you are in that situation, no problem.

Microsoft has pointed out that, if any website intrinsically depends on Internet Explorer , you can activate the ‘IE Mode’ in Edge to continue working normally, thanks to the compatibility that the browser maintains. With this mode, Edge will be able to work with the Internet Explorer engine in addition to the current Chromium that it is excelling with.

It is precisely Edge who will take the reins of the market. Microsoft already installs it by default in Windows 11 and to whom it is giving more emphasis to try to achieve its growth.

The first few weeks after this end of support will be one of continual redirection to Edge . Later, Microsoft will release an update that will permanently disable Internet Explorer . Nice to meet you, mate.