A TV series based on Eragon , the young adult book series written by Christopher Paolini , is in development for Disney + .


In June 2021, book fans launched the #EragonRemake campaign in an attempt to persuade the new rights holder Disney to produce a new adaptation, possibly a TV series. After discovering the Paolini initiative he encouraged fans and participated in the campaign.

Yesterday he thanked the fans for the success of the initiative:

The series:

According to Variety sources, the series will cover the Legacy Cycle saga consisting of the first four novels, which has sold 41 million copies worldwide:
Eragon (2003)
Eldest (2005)
Brisingr (2008)
Inheritance (2011)

Paolini will be the co-writer of the series. Bert Salke , who has a global deal with Disney Television Studios , will executive produce with his Co-Lab 21 label . The project is produced by Disney -owned 20th Television .


The Inheritance Cycle tells the adventures of Eragon, a boy who discovers a dragon egg from which a dragoness named Saphira emerges. After his uncle’s death, he sets out on a journey during which his mentor Brom trains him to become a Dragon Knight.
Together with his dragon, Saphira, his mission becomes to free the continent of Alagaësia from the tyrant Galbatorix.

Originally the saga should have been called the Legacy Trilogy, but the excessive length of the final novel led Paolini to divide it into two parts.

The film

The first book was adapted for the big screen in 2006 with a reported budget of $ 100 million. The cast included: Ed Speleers in the role of Eragon, Rachel Weisz as the voice of Saphira (from us Ilaria D’Amico ), Jeremy Irons in the role of Brom and John Malkovich in the role of Galbatorix.

Destroyed by critics (16% on RT) and poorly received by the public (46% RT), it grossed $ 75 million in the US and $ 173.9 million in international territories for a global total of $ 249 million.