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The Marvel Studios will always keep reminding us that their films all belong to the same fictional universe, and the characters never fail to mention the other heroes marvelliani dialogues.

At the end of the new commercial, we hear Dane Whitman ( Kit Harington ) ask Sersi ( Gemma Chan ) if she is “a sorcerer, like Doctor Strange” , but the heroine claims to be “supernormal” . Too bad that, in the next shot, we see her transform a fiery boulder into dozens of birds flying away!

There is also the scene where Phastos’ son ( Brian Tyree Henry ) compares Ikaris ( Richard Madden ) to Superman . The filmmaker Chloé Zhao has recently explained that references to Superman born from his archetypal figure, the basis of many mythologies.

I remind you that Eternals will be released on November 3 in Italian cinemas, and will be screened tomorrow at the Rome Film Fest as the closing film. You can see the spot below.

The spot

The Eternals

The Eternals are a lineage of superhuman and near immortal beings, created by the Celestials (i.e. the cosmic gods of the Marvel universe ) by genetically manipulating human DNA. Endowed with extraordinary powers, they are constantly battling the Deviants , monstrous creatures also born from the actions of the Celestials . Their author is the great Jack Kirby , who created them in The Eternals n ° 1 (July 1976).

Direction and screenplay

The film was directed by Chloé Zhao , a Chinese-born filmmaker (she was born in Beijing but moved to Los Angeles during high school) acclaimed for Songs My Brothers Taught Me , The Rider and Nomadland . The first version of the script is the work of Matthew and Ryan Firpo ( Ruin ), but the final one is by the director. The plot will revolve around the love story between Ikaris , a man powered by cosmic energy, and Sersi , who moves among humans.

The cast

The Eternals cast include Richard Madden ( Ikaris ), Angelina Jolie ( Thena ), Kumail Nanjiani ( Kingo ), Salma Hayek ( Ajak ), Lauren Ridloff ( Makkari ), Brian Tyree Henry ( Phastos ), Lia McHugh ( Sprite ), Don Lee ( Gilgamesh ), Gemma Chan ( Sersi ) and Barry Keoghan ( Druig ). There will be alsoKit Harington as Dane Whitman / Black Knight .