We don’t know if Eternals will have a proper sequel, but certainly its characters will pop up again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , one way or another.


Well, the latest rumors point to two characters that we might not have expected to see again, having both died in Chloé Zhao ‘s film .

The first is Ikaris . It seems that Joe Kennard , Richard Madden ‘s stunt double , has returned to work for the MCU , at least according to what his sister Emmy said in a video on TikTok: it is therefore possible that Ikaris appears in another Marvel production, perhaps in a flashback. The Eternals have lived on Earth for millennia, and may appear in some scene set in the past.

Same goes for Gilgamesh : Allkpop claims Don Lee will return to the US next summer to shoot a new MCU project , but of course we don’t know what it is. Gilgamesh also lost his life in the film, killed by Kro to acquire his powers and complete his evolution. A flashback or a variant of the multiverse could justify the return of the hero, as for Ikaris , provided those rumors are correct.

Obviously Eternals also has a plot left open, but we don’t know how and where it will continue. We will keep you posted.

The Eternals

The Eternals are a lineage of superhuman and near immortal beings, created by the Celestials (i.e. the cosmic gods of the Marvel universe ) by genetically manipulating human DNA. Endowed with extraordinary powers, they are constantly battling the Deviants , monstrous creatures also born from the actions of the Celestials . Their author is the great Jack Kirby , who created them in The Eternals n ° 1 (July 1976).

Direction and screenplay

The film was directed by Chloé Zhao , a Chinese-born filmmaker (she was born in Beijing but moved to Los Angeles during high school) acclaimed for Songs My Brothers Taught Me , The Rider and Nomadland . The first version of the script is the work of Matthew and Ryan Firpo ( Ruin ), but the final one is by the director.

The cast

The Eternals cast include Richard Madden ( Ikaris ), Angelina Jolie ( Thena ), Kumail Nanjiani ( Kingo ), Salma Hayek ( Ajak ), Lauren Ridloff ( Makkari ), Brian Tyree Henry ( Phastos ), Lia McHugh ( Sprite ), Don Lee ( Gilgamesh ), Gemma Chan ( Sersi ) and Barry Keoghan ( Druig ). There will be alsoKit Harington as Dane Whitman / Black Knight .