Everything against TikTok: Instagram will turn all videos into Reels

A spokesperson for Meta revealed the changes that Instagram  would be thinking of implementing in its social network to promote this video format.


Instagram and Meta would already have the plans to direct the future of the social network specialized in audiovisual content. In addition to the series of new functions that have been implemented in recent months to face TikTok , its biggest competitor, the companies have a great purpose for the format that precisely condenses said confrontation: the Reels .

A Meta spokesperson revealed to the TechCrunch portal that the company is considering turning all Instagram video posts into Reels in an attempt to simplify this type of content on the platform.

“We are testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram ,” said the aforementioned spokesperson in an email, adding that the change is already being tested with select users around the world as revealed by the consultant. of social networks Matt Navarra on Twitter.

How will this change work?

The report mentions that in addition to this mere format change in Instagram video posts, there are other details to be taken into consideration by users who generate content on the social network. If the material in question is public, the Reel that is formed from it will also become public, thus allowing other people to use its audio in other projects or even create a remix based on it.

On the other hand, if the published video is private, the Reel can only be seen by the followers of the account and cannot be freely used by others. These privacy and security options may be limited from the platform settings.

It should be noted that this represents a huge technical challenge since, if it were to be definitively implemented on Instagram, each Reel generated based on the video would have to take into account the parameters and the way in which it was recorded by its creator. For example, changing a video recorded horizontally to a purely vertical format is a challenge that the firm would take on with the intention of competing with TikTok and YouTube.

In addition to all this, Instagram did not specify what will happen to the videos that have already been published on its platform and whether they will also become Reels or not.

More news to boost Reels

Adam Mosseri, current CEO of Instagram, pointed out that the goal of the social network in 2022 is to double the efforts that encourage users to generate video content. For this reason, the first half of this year was the scene of a plethora of new features and changes for the Reels feature.

Among them, we have the extension of the duration of the Reels up to 90 seconds, which gives creators more time to capture their ideas in said format, and the templates with which a user can take a Reel that they liked a lot or that you want to emulate to generate your own content.

In a video posted on his official Instagram account last year, Mosseri said that the platform is no longer just a photo-sharing app, noting the great interest in video content that other rival networks such as the aforementioned YouTube and especially TikTok have become a standard for digital consumption today.