Ex-Google CEO says the US has performed pathetically in the 5G race

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the US government’s actions have left the country “far behind” China in the 5G race .


The “hesitations” of the United States government has allowed the country “to be far behind” China in the race to develop 5G technology , criticized the former CEO of Google , Eric Schmidt, as part of his insistence on Washington to increase the investment in Internet technology over the next decade.

In an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal , Schmidt and Graham Allison, a professor of government at Harvard, said that the US is  “far behind in almost every dimension of 5G, while other nations, including China, They run ahead.”

Additionally, the authors urged the Biden administration to make 5G technology a “national priority.” Otherwise, they foreshadowed that,  “China will own the 5G future.”

5G technology

5G technology is already in the plans of many governments and most have already deployed what is necessary to install it. This network is also a technology that can form the basis of industrial and military applications. above all, for the benefit of the speed of communication between devices .

“The move to true 5G speeds will lead to analogous advances in autonomous vehicles, virtual reality applications like the metaverse, and other areas yet to be invented ,” Schmidt and Allison wrote. ” Applications abound that could benefit a country’s intelligence agencies and enhance its military capabilities.”

Both writers indicate that China is spending more than the United States on plans, projects, infrastructure deployment, application of 5G technology .

“The pathetic performance of the US in the 5G race is a sign of the US’s greatest failure to keep up with China on strategically important technologies. China is also ahead of the US in high-tech manufacturing, energy green and many applications of artificial intelligence” , they said.