Facebook adds the ability to reply to posts with music

The new Facebook tool is progressively reaching users of the mobile application.


Facebook, despite its long history, continues to be updated and has now brought an extra way to reply to posts: with music.

As social media expert Matt Navarra shows, you can now add music clips to your post replies.

The process works on the same system as the music tag in Stories, allowing you to search for tracks by tapping the musical note icon to the right of the comment panel, in the bar that GIFs and emojis also appear. You can then select a segment of the track to offer as a sample, which could be another way to add context to your comments.

It’s not yet clear if the music plays automatically when you browse comments or requires a button press to hear the song.

Like many features, Meta is likely rolling this feature out gradually to users, so if you don’t have it, you’ll need to wait for the update soon.

myspace memories

Putting emphasis on music reminds us of a social network par excellence: MySpace.

Facebook really tried to fill MySpace on this front in 2018, with the option to add your favorite song to your Facebook profile and pin it to the top, right below your display name.