Facebook announces the arrival of reactions to WhatsApp messages from this Thursday

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the rumors (and leaks) for WhatsApp . Now you can react to messages like on Messenger or Instagram.


After rumors, leaks and little secret tests in the beta version, Meta has officially announced the arrival of reactions to WhatsApp messages  starting this May 5.

The person in charge of giving the news was Mark Zuckerberg himself, who pointed out that the function will be available from this Thursday.

Of course, it should be noted that the deployment of the reactions will be gradual, so many users will have to wait days or weeks to have them in the app.

How do reactions work on WhatsApp?

Just as it happens in Messenger or Instagram, users will be able to react to messages sent in personal chats or groups to express an emotion.

We will simply have to make a long press and the reactions will appear above the message.

At the moment, it is limited to 6 emojis: thumbs up 👍, heart 🧡, smiley face 🙂, surprised face 😲, tearful face 😢 and folded hands 🙏. In any case, Zuckerberg has indicated that more will arrive soon.

This tool, which Telegram already has, is also being tested for WhatsApp States , allowing us to quickly react to these publications from their own section.