Facebook incorporates the ‘reels’ globally to compete with TikTok

Facebook wants its users to stay longer within the application and not go to others.


Facebook has incorporated ‘reels’ , a type of short video format already present on the Instagram social network, with which it encourages creators to be creative, and which will accompany, in addition to editing tools, monetization options.

The ‘reels’ arrived on Facebook in September of last year , where they have been available only to users in the United States. From this Tuesday it is also possible to make these short videos in another 150 countries around the world.

This video format is the one with the fastest growth on Instagram and Facebook , in a context in which video accounts for almost half of the time that people spend on the two social networks, as reported by Meta in a statement sent to Europe Press .

In search of TikTok

The ‘reels’ are accompanied by a series of functions that allow, for example, to make a remix with another existing ‘reel’ (in its entirety or just a part of it) to later share it on Facebook , or a slightly longer video , up to 60 seconds.

Later it will be possible to save a ‘reel’ as a draft, without actually sending it, and a set of tools with which to experiment with different formats, whether live or longer.

Reels can be shared publicly on Facebook stories or through the ‘Watch’ tab. A new tab at the top of the news feed will allow quicker access to creating and viewing reels , and in some countries suggestions for reels from people who don’t follow the user will be implemented.

The company is also exploring the possibility for creators to share their reels across their Facebook and Instagram accounts, as a cross-post.

It is also a format in which the company sees monetization opportunities for creators. In this sense, Meta is going to expand the ‘Reels Play Bonus’ program in the coming months , and will incorporate more direct options, such as the support of followers or percentages of

advertisements. To do this, it has announced the start of tests of ‘Overlay Ads’ (overlay ads) in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and of the stars in the coming weeks.

In some regions, tools have also been introduced for advertisers that allow them to have more control over where their ad appears, to avoid those ‘reels’ that do not fit with their brand or campaign. ( EuropaPress )