Facebook is closing its live shopping feature to focus on Reels

Facebook ‘s Live Shopping feature will close on October 1.

Meta has announced the closure of Facebook Live Shopping , the live shopping function integrated in this social network, which will no longer be available to all its users as of October 1.

The platform launched Facebook Live Shopping in August 2020, an initiative that, since its inception, has offered an interactive way to sell items, connect with the audience and get leads live.

Now the company has announced that as of October 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to organize new or scheduled live shopping events on the social network, although live events can continue to be broadcast through Facebook Live .

However, as Meta has pointed out in the writing, users will no longer have the option to create product playlists or tag them in Facebook Live videos.

Everything will be for Reels

Meta justifies its decision by alluding to a change in the viewing behavior of viewers, which now tends more towards short videos. For this reason, the technology company will focus its efforts on Reels , available both on Facebook and Instagram .

These video clips have a maximum duration of 60 seconds in the case of Facebook and 90 seconds in the case of Instagram. In addition, they allow the user to add audio, text, effects, subtitles or a timer.

On the other hand, Meta has also urged interested users to use Reels Ads on Facebook and Instagram. These ads consist of a full-screen vertical format similar to the advertising shown in the ‘Stories’ and are played between the rest of the ‘reels’ and have a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

Finally, he recalled that those interested in keeping live videos from Facebook can download them on their respective pages or in Creator Studio. Likewise, he has pointed out that Live Shopping Events or live shopping events are still present on Instagram.