Facebook launches an artificial intelligence for its users to converse with it

The chatbot is called BlenderBot 3 and is Meta  ‘s newest artificial intelligence .


Meta , the parent company of Facebook , has announced the launch of its  BlenderBot 3 artificial intelligence and wants users to chat with it to gather feedback on its capabilities.

The bot answers general queries, but can also provide “recommendations for healthy meals and even services for children in the city.”

This is the Meta BlenderBot 3

This chatbot is a prototype based on the company’s earlier work with an LLMS, an artificial intelligence text-based software.

BlenderBot 3 initially trains on large text data sets, which it mines for statistical patterns to generate language. The only problem that it presents is that many times they tend to invent answers based on false things or even tend to fall into bias or racism .

That’s why Facebook has made it easy for BlenderBot 3 to cite sources: users can click on your answers to see where you got your information from.

How to chat with BlenderBot 3?

You can chat with BlenderBot 3 via this link , but it’s only available in the US for now.

By releasing the chatbot to the general public, Meta wants to collect feedback on the various issues facing large language models. Users chatting with BlenderBot 3 will be able to flag any suspicious responses from the system, and the company says it has worked hard to “minimize the use of vulgar language, slurs, and culturally insensitive comments by bots.”

Users will have to opt-in to have their data collected, and if so, their conversations and comments will be stored and then published by Meta for use by the broader AI research community.