Facebook presents its new virtual reality project Meta and the memes were not long in coming

Facebook revealed its new ambitions during its event and introduced Meta , a virtual reality universe, and it didn’t take long for users to make memes.

In every social network memes appear, and Facebook knows it very well. During the Facebook Connect event , its CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed that he also has a sense of humor and knows that the world is watching any move to make memes.

As Facebook announced its new parent company Meta , we could see that Zuckerberg can laugh at himself.

Meta does not escape the memes

In the presentation, Mark Zuckerberg explained about the enormous possibilities within the metaverse: interacting with friends through games, virtual rooms with scenarios or a surreal landscape. You can also learn about various topics or attend a live concert from another part of the world.

For example, Zuckerberg shows how to interact through VR games and, while customizing his avatar, a version of himself appears with a lot of sun protection, in reference to a viral photograph where the billionaire was surfing in Hawaii.

In addition, of course, the memes did not take long to appear on Twitter , especially because the company announces a name change amid several scandals.