Facebook reaches 3 billion users with a ‘problem’: much of it is ‘very adult’

Facebook wants to rejuvenate its face and is trying to generate interest in the youngest, like TikTok.


Facebook , Meta’s social network, has been having a problem for many months: a large part of its 3 billion monthly active users is ‘old’ in age.

For this reason, the company is looking to attract the youngest with a series of attributes that they hope to be effective in the midst of their fight against other apps such as TikTok .

It goes for the youngest

Tom Alison, head of the social network, spoke with AP and noted that the company had a team in charge of developing projects to attract this population. However, the results were not as expected.

For the same reason, now Facebook is making more radical decisions, changing even its main objective: now the social network aims to become the place “where you can connect with the people you know, the people you want to meet and the people you should know”.

To do this, it is making key changes. To do this, it is promoting two aspects: AI and messaging.

First of all, it is promoting its recommendation algorithm to be just as attractive as TikTok’s, so that as many people as possible stay watching its Reels, which now appear in the main feeds. “We are seeing more people want to share Reels.”

For the second, Facebook no longer wants people to go out to Messenger to chat, but instead wants the app to be integrated into the same application of the social network.

many questions remain

Facebook has consistently refused to disclose user demographics, which would shed some light on how it’s faring among young adults. But outside researchers say their numbers are declining. The same is true for teens, though Facebook appears to have backed down from actively recruiting teens amid concerns about the effects of social media on their mental health.

“Young people often shape the future of communication. I mean, that’s basically how Facebook took off : young people gravitated towards it. And we see that happening with almost every social platform that has entered the scene since Facebook ,” said Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at Insider Intelligence. This year, Insider estimates that about half of TikTok users are between the ages of 12 and 24.