Facebook will allow the creation of five different profiles with the same account

Facebook will allow users to create up to five profiles and only one will be required to have their real identity. How will this tool work?


Facebook has begun to test the possibility of creating up to five profiles within the same user account, of which only the main one must include the name or real identity of the person.

Since its inception, the social network has only allowed to have a single account and personal profile associated with it. Facebook defines itself as a “community whose members use their real identity”, so having more than one account violates its community standards, as stated on its website.

The platform led by Mark Zuckerberg is willing to give up its principles, according to Bloomberg . To do this, Facebook has begun to test the possibility that its users can create and manage up to five profiles in the same account.

This test is being carried out with a certain group of users of the social network. Facebook allows them to create four additional profiles, and none of them are required to include the name or mention the real identity of the person. It only requires them not to use numbers or special characters.

A spokesman for the social network, Leonard Lam, has confirmed the news to the specialized portal TechCrunch . Lam has argued that this initiative aims to “help people tailor their experience based on their interests and relationships.”

The possibility of managing up to five profiles from the same account would allow the user to allocate each of them to a specific group or interest. For example, one to interact with co-workers, and another to do so with your family and friends.

Lam has recalled that any user who accesses this function is still obliged to comply with the rules of the platform . In addition, he has ruled out that this measure could alter the metrics of the social network, such as the daily number of active users.

Campus, a similar alternative

Beyond allowing you to manage one or several pages dedicated to businesses, public figures and other interests, the Campus section of the platform is the only one that comes close to this new proposal.

This tool, which was born to go back to the origins of the social network, is included within Facebook and allows the user to have a profile apart from their personal account that is linked to their student email. (AFP)