Facebook will allow you to open audio channels like on Discord

Facebook is inspired by Discord to allow better communication between group members.


Facebook is adding an audio feature in their groups.

Through channels, Facebook wants to bring the conversation to voice, as it happens on platforms like Discord , where this medium predominates.

This is how Facebook channels will work

Unlike its current ‘Rooms’ feature, Facebook wants to create single-party audio chats, where users can drop in and out of these spaces at any time, just like on Discord .

The company is also experimenting with other kinds of “channels,” essentially subgroups within each Facebook group , where members can discuss specific topics. There are community chat channels, which organize group message threads around topics relevant to a given group; as well as community feed channels, which are thematic spaces within the group.

Likewise, the social network will be testing a sidebar to promote groups and where direct access to channels can be organized.

still on the way

These updates are being rolled out to a small group of users, but Facebook intends to roll it out to everyone.

Discord is an instant messaging app that also allows audio and video calls. It is widely used by gamers, especially PC and mobile, who meet through individual calls or through channels.

Discord has more than 350 million active users as of 2019.