Facebook will change its format: now you will see more videos than news on your wall

The Facebook News tab is changing according to the company’s new plan.


Facebook is changing its priority on posts and will now give you more videos and photos than news on your wall.

The company is trying to push more video content from creators into users’ feeds , sidelining news and newsletters.

More videos to look more youthful

As first reported by The Wall Street Journal , Facebook executive Campbell Brown briefed employees on this shift in priorities in a recent memo.

Brown said that Meta-owned Facebook ‘s product and engineering teams would spend less time on the News and Newsletter tabs in the future in order to “increase their focus on building a stronger creator economy.”

A spokesperson for the company told the outlet that “it is evaluating where to allocate resources and that its teams remain committed to the success of creators and are doing even more to ensure they can find audiences on Facebook and grow engaged communities there.”

Facebook will give you less news

In June, it was reported that Facebook was planning to make changes to its main algorithm: turning users’ Walls into a kind of TikTok by focusing on visual content from creators instead of updates from friends.

Facebook launched the News tab in 2019, paying organizations like The New York Times and Washington Post to aggregate their content. Here stories proposed by interaction were combined with algorithmic recommendations, while deals with the media were worth millions of dollars.

The Bulletin, for its part, was launched in 2021, but has not had much impact.